Ways to prepare for medical emergencies abroad

Generally a vacation is supposed to be a fun time with your friends, family or just by yourself. However, at times, it does not always turn out as you expected it to be. In some cases, there is a chance that you might be suffering a medical emergency when you are out of the country.

“Insurance policies cover medical problems, emergency evacuations, and other issues that may arise while on your trip.”

It is recommended for you to purchase a travel insurance if you are far away from home to be prepared rather than finding yourself in the midst of an emergency in which you have no idea of how to proceed.

Essential: Bring a first-aid kit with you.

A lot of traveler’s ailments can be cured with just bandages, blister remedies, prescriptions, allergy medicine and more. Although these can be found at pharmacies even when you are abroad, it is not always easy to know on the spot on what does “allergy” means in Russian.

Seek help from the locals for any injury and next-level illnesses.

With the modern era of technology, language can no longer be a huge barrier anymore especially when Google Translate is around most of the time. In fact, the inexpensive cost of public health in some countries can really make you shocked.

Keep in touch with your embassy

It is always good to have people looking after us. No matter how safe you think you are, any emergencies can just happen within a split second. For severe situations like a heart attack or automobile accidents, the embassy can help arrange things like a wired money transfer to help pay for bills or even get you home quickly if it is needed to be.  

Purchase travel insurance before you go.

As much as you think it is not important to have travel insurance, it could save you in the long run in case if anything happens to you abroad. You can search for a lot of travel insurance online or try out Chubb travel insurance. Make sure to read and fully understand what your insurance will cover entirely before you leave to your home country.


The main part of travelling is to be free of constraints, of course. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry. Find out about Chubb Travel Insurance to take the precaution steps for any medical emergencies abroad at https://goo.gl/ZzFjbj