Insurance Products You Should Know About

AIG Comprehensive Insurance Plan

For almost sixty years since 1953, AIG happens to be serving the Malaysian community through innovative solutions that happen to be constantly tailored to the needs of persons and corporate clients. AIG Malaysia currently is operating in 15 offices nationwide, backed by a sizeable network of agents, brokers, and schemes. It gives them the capabilities to give quality services that meet clients’ expectations.

A life or business without being insured around the uncertain future are frightening for everyone and businesses. To give both different types of customers an ease and comfort, AIG Malaysia has formulated various types of offerings that could satisfy their wants.

Insurance for Private Individuals

Car Insurance

For private persons, owning high-valued assets which include cars and houses without insurance packages is an issue. To emphasize its importance, even the Government renders insurance subscription mandatory in making certain its citizens together with their businesses have sufficient protection against unfortunate happenings. While there are many insurers already in the market, AIG has become the most trusted car insurance & property insurance providers in the nation.

Should you become interested, please visit AIG Malaysia’s website for more information on their car insurance plan here:

Nonetheless, the most precious thing a man or woman is capable of having is their own health. Though it tends to turn into a challenge for insurers like AIG to educate the society over the importance to purchase medical insurance, it’s now seen a stable development of quantity of purchases made as a result of the effort they have created to create awareness.

The local businesses’ expansion to international markets in combination with competitively priced transportation renders frequent travel the recent standard. It has led to the increasing interest in insurance to cover individuals while making either domestic and overseas trip. To complement the demands, AIG Malaysia has offered insurance with complete coverage to the customers.

Insurance for Corporations

Within the needs of companies in risk management, a more elaborate program’s attainable. AIG covers liability insurance, fronting and captive services related insurance, trade credit insurance, along with group employee benefits insurance. Corporations might protect their businesses much better aided by the flexible type plan which has been tailored to the actual needs.

In the assortment of insurance policies available, AIG will be able to provide quality service to customers from different industries, just like companies in the hospitality & leisure, import & export, energy, retail, communications, as well as media & technology sector. Added to that, as they simply are conscious of the rise of SMEs within the local market, AIG designed a special package that could protect these growing enterprises from all of the different kinds of risks while they expand.

Hence, individuals and companies that happen to be keen to subscribe to AIG Malaysia’s insurance coverage can visit their internet site and request for an insurance quote. Whenever they must have a more personal assistance, customers will be able to get info on agents headquartered in nearby location then get a meeting set.

How AIG Embraces the Future

Being one of the leading companies which embrace technology in its operation, AIG Malaysia has partnered up with Lazada Malaysia in making online insurance purchase far easier. The infusion of e-commerce into their strategy will ultimately benefit the customers as they possibly easily purchase their preferred insurance coverage and get it activated within just Three days after undergoing a few quick registration steps.