Important Tips: Leaving Home For Vacation

You remember the sun was out the whole time, no rain or thunder, and no kids yelling or crying as you spent a month off with your family at the Perhentian Island. Arriving to the main door of the house, you realised the door was already unlocked. The fear of having the safest place on earth for your family and you being invaded then got to you within seconds.

“Why us? What did we do?”

As much as you want to protect your family, your home is significantly important too. Hence, keep an eye of your home all the time by getting a burglary insurance in case of any emergency for your family and friends..

Leave No Money At Home

Make sure to keep all your emergency money at a bank or safety box that you have. If it gets complicated find the nearest bank in Malaysia or your home before you leave for vacation.

Unplug All The Electronics You Have

If your electronics devices like computers, televisions, and stereo are plugged directly into the wall without any surge protector, you should pull the plugs in case if there is any power surge to happen when you are not there in the house. In fact, you can save the electricity bills too.

Inform Your Neighbours or Family and Friends

Your neighbour can help you a lot by keeping an eye of your house. They should have your vacation contact emergency on standby with them. If you are not that close with your neighbours, try contacting your family and friends for them to come by several times a week for the period of your vacation.

Don’t Leave Spare Keys Out

Wherever you have kept the hidden keys – under a mat, in the mailbox, on top of the door, anywhere you could have think of, it is now time for you to remove them away. Anyone who tries to break into your house will take their time searching for the keys. As a matter of fact, most of them know where you would hide most of the spare keys, so don’t try to fool them.

Make Sure You Have Insurance

Sometimes, no matter how much precautions we have taken; as listed above, you can’t always save everything. Hence, an insurance may help you in this time of need although we hope nothing bad will happen to you.


Ensure all safety precautions and steps are taken before you leave for vacation with your family or friends. It is always good to be alert with the things that are happening to you now then regret later. To get more information about the RHB insurance, visit