Shaves2u Review: A Godsend For Sensitive Skin!

Let me start this off with a history of my skin sensitivities. I have “diva-like” skin that flares up every time it comes into contact with something harsh, like strong soaps and overpowering fragrance. It’s not just stuff in chemical properties though – I have gotten cuts from using blades from other shaving brands. They were really sharp and did a decent job, but irritated the hell out of my skin. Basically, they were fine but my skin couldn’t take it. So here is my full post on Shaves2u review for their awesome product!

I’m always trying out new products because it’s hard to please my sensitive skin [laughing emoji]. Naturally, I was inclined to try this brand. What I found was a new shaving brand that produced exceptional blades at really competitive rates. There’s a catch though: their products are only available through subscription. I thought about buying the gift box, but why would I want to spend RM85 for a 5 blade when I can try the same thing through their free trial, lol. From what I understand, the customer service rep told me that their shave plan is non-contractual, meaning that I can cancel anytime before the next billing cycle.

How Much It Cost?

So it’s just RM6.50 for a razor handle, blade, and shave cream?! Sure man, sign me up!

Shaves2u Trial Kit RM6.50

My free trial kit arrived in about 7 days. I’m really happy with Shaves2u. The S5 blade is heavy duty yet gentle on the skin at the same time. I shaved as usual and am glad to report that I experienced zero irritation. It was perfect. No scratches, no bleeding and best of all, it was smooth. A great product so far, very effective considering I have sensitive skin.

Shaves2U Razor

I used to buy disposables all the time, and I think having a subscription essentially saves me money over the long run. I’d recommend this brand to anyone who’s fed up of spending hundreds on shaving supplies and want good quality products that are also easy on the wallet. Hope you might get benefits from this Shaves2u review as my full intention to help others man to achieve a better clean shave!

Go to to find out more. Fully recommended by yours truly.

Disclaimer: this article is not sponsored nor paid for in any way.