Things You Should Do While You’re Looking for Job

If you are looking for a job or who are still unemployed. Do not just sit at home and wait for the sustenance to come rolling. Use the available time as much as possible to improve yourself to a better level. The time you have around is the best time to add value to your skills, more skill to use when working later. Maybe everything is ready including your resume and cover letter updates. You also figured that applying job online through website like JobStreet will helps you getting your job faster and easier. But here are 3 wise things you can do while still unemployed and looking for a job.

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Create Relationship with Your Networking

Many Jobseeker think this is an awkward thing to do because they have no relationship within the company. Actually, you can share ideas and connect with them. It is not wrong at all. If you have new questions or ideas you can also share with them. This technique is rarely used by people but actually it is very helpful for you to get work faster. If you’ve ever worked, never interrupt your relationship with the former employer, as it is the best person to refer to your new employer.

Join Volunteer Activity

Participating in volunteer activities is the best way to hone your skills. From volunteer activities there are many new things you can learn. You can boost your self-esteem and reinforce yourself for an upcoming interview that you can tell you have many things to offer. Here is a big impact when you present yourself in an interview session in the future.

Not only that, these volunteer activities also expand your networking contacts. The benefits you get from here are huge. You may know a group of individuals who can identify you closely. For example, if in this volunteer activity there are individuals who need a team in their company and they see you a reliable and competent person, it is not possible your name will be suggested by them to future prospective employers in their respective companies or you are offered directly to work in their company if the individual is a person in their company.

Show Your Existence in Your Desired Field

What you can do is to join professional associations in your industry? For example, if they have an event or any activity you can try to actively participate. This is to show your existence Offline. You can also build a professional online profile for yourself. Find out where often is your field active in the online world. If professional fields are likely to be a lot on LinkedIn. If fields like photography, maybe a lot of Facebook groups you can join. This place is not limited to social media only. You can also look at blogs, websites, forums and so on.

In any online group you have joined, here’s where you can add your knowledge and build your own credibility by pointing out that you are actually a very passionate person about the field you are currently doing. Often potential employers are more interested in candidates who have a record trip in an online or offline profile that shows a candidate interested in the field they are currently in.


Yes, there are people who say, job search is a “full-time” job as long as we still do not get a job. But the reality is that if you spend too much time on the field you are in, you do not have the bigger job market, you do not use too much time with nothing. More importantly, you know the right way and techniques in a job application. Or you may also refers to recruitment site that provide more option that might help you.