Top 4 Lies Candidates Will Tell You

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After working in a Singapore job agency for a while, you’ll realise lying in resumes and interviews isn’t as uncommon as you think. Most of the time, candidates lie because they want the job. They believe the truth will affect their chances of getting hired, so they’ll spin lies and say things they think recruiters want to hear.

No one can stop candidates from lying, but as a recruiter, you should do your best to catch these lies. Here are the top lies a candidate will tell, and hopefully you’ll be cautious when you see it.


Lying or exaggerating their skills is a common lie by candidates. They’ll claim they know all the skills necessary for the job, but it’s hard to tell when you’ve only met them for a few times.

If a particular skill is crucial for the job position, you can set up a task or a test during the interview to test their skills. Or you can invite an employee experienced in that field to the interview and let them question the candidate instead.

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Employment dates

Employment gaps on a CV often leave an impression of inactivity or failure to get a new job, even if it might not be the case. However, some job seekers may think it could cost their chance of getting hired.

You shouldn’t immediately reject a candidate if they large unemployment gaps as there could be a valid reason for it. If a candidate looks appealing, make sure you ask them and find out more about their employment dates.


When asked about their flaws, candidates often say along the lines of “I’m too honest,” or “I’m a bit of a perfectionist.” We all know it’s a copy-and-paste reply and that it’s all a lie.

Since candidates always give a predictable answer when this question is asked, it’s best just to avoid asking it in the first place. If you have to ask it, you can make the question harder by asking “what are you three weaknesses?”


Candidates lie about their references, maybe because they don’t expect you to check them. Sometimes, these references may not even exist.

If you’re worried about their a reference, try Googling the company or person in question. You can also call their number and speak to them directly about the candidate.


It’s scary to think that there are plenty of liars in the hiring process, but that’s the truth. Some lies may be easy to detect; others are not as obvious. However, the truth will eventually reveal itself when you wrongly hire a lying candidate, and it could cost the company time and money.

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