Use SiVA Recruitment Centre For Your Next Hire

These days, finding and engaging with the right talent is getting more difficult. Hiring managers are now using the multi-sourcing method, which includes posting job ads and talent sourcing due to the demand of current trends.

Jobstreet responds to these recruiting needs by introducing SiVA Recruitment Centre. This new hiring platform has all the features you need for an interview process. Hiring managers can now perform tasks such as listing detailed job advertisements, search for suitable candidates, schedule interviews and much more at a single place with lesser efforts.

Attract the perfect talent

Job Ads’ new clean layout allows you to view all job listings and candidate applications at a glance. The system arranges the sequence of the job ads by their expiry date for quicker decision-making and acting as a reminder.

To post a five-star quality job ad, all you need to do is fill in the necessary details such as the position title on a single page. SiVA Recruitment Centre will also auto-suggest information like salary range based on specialization and location to speed up your process.

Make your job advertisement stand out more with Standout Listing which allows you to highlight three selling points of the job position. This advanced option requires one Standout Listing credit, so contact your account manager beforehand.

You can make changes to your job ad while previewing it. In-line editing is available for more efficient and seamless experience.

Expand your talent pool

While waiting for job applications, hiring managers can now also search for qualified candidates with Talent Search.

This feature recommends relevant candidates based on the job specifications. All talents and their information will be displayed in card view for an easier screening process. You can narrow down the search by adjusting the filtering options at the sidebar or adding additional keywords on the search bar.

Engage with candidates

Once you find the suitable candidates, retrieve them and schedule an interview with them immediately using SiVA Recruitment Centre. You can also customize and personalize your invitation to persuade the talent.

Hiring managers can view all scheduled interviews on the calendar at the homepage. Both you and the candidate will get notifications whenever an update occurs.

SiVA Recruitment Centre Jobstreet

Start your hiring journey now

Use Jobstreet’s new SiVA Recruitment Centre to be more efficient in recruiting talents! It is user-friendly, simple, and fast.

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